Facebook chat with MEPs Hannes Swodoba and Linda McAvan

8 October 2013: Facebook chat with MEPs Hannes Swodoba and Linda McAvan

Today the European Parliament voted the Tobacco Products Directive (2001/37/EC) which aims at improving citizens’ health, laying down rules governing the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco products.

According to the draft law, all packs should carry a health warning covering 65% of their surface. Fruit, menthol flavours and small packs should be banned, and electronic cigarettes should be regulated (but as medicinal products only) if they claim curative or preventive properties.


MEP Linda McAvan, rapporteur of the tobacco proposal, and MEP Hannes Swodoba, President of the Socialists and Democrats Group will hold a [ https://www.facebook.com/socialistsanddemocrats/app_203351739677351 ]Facebook chat today at 16.15 CET.


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