Frequently asked questions

Okay, so I send a question to Eurodesk… then what?
Once you send a question to Eurodesk we will do our best to give you a reply within three working days. You may understand that some questions need more research than others, and others while require that we wait from a response from other sources. However in the mean time, we always try our best to suggest other sources from where you can get a more precise answer to your question.When it comes to questions and queries about other European countries, we post those questions within the Eurodesk Network… because like Eurodesk in Malta, one will find Eurodesk in the rest of the EU27 (excluding Cyprus so far), Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Turkey as well… and in turn we are provided with answers which we will forward to you accordingly.

Where can I find opportunities for scholarships?
The Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family provides a number of scholarship schemes. These can be accessed here.

Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues calls for scholarships normally offered through bi-lateral agreements between Malta and other states. These can be accessed: here.

Various other calls are published on a European level as well… keep in touch with us to update you about these.

I’d like to go on a voluntary work experience in Europe…where can I start?
A good start to get an idea is to find out more about the European Voluntary Service (EVS) of the ‘Youth in Action’ Programme. A database of projects, especially to get an idea of what is and can be available can be found at www.evsdatabase.eu. However, in order to help you reach more contacts, Eurodesk Malta invites you to send your CV and a motivation letter (stating reasons of why you would like to go on a voluntary work experience) and when.

I’m considering looking for a job in Europe… can Eurodesk help me?
Although Eurodesk can help you get sources in other countries where you wish to find a job at, the EURES service will be able to help you much better since it specializes on job opportunities in Europe. In Malta, EURES is hosted within the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) and can be contacted via its website.

We’re a youth organization and we need partners for a youth exchange… how can Eurodesk help us?
If you send us a short description of your organization together with a brief idea about what themes you wish to tackle during the exchange, and when and where you would like it to be organized, we can forward the request within the Eurodesk Network. Other Eurodesk partners will in turn forward your request to their contacts. We will ask them to contact you directly, so make sure you give us your contact details too! If you want to join a project of another organisation, on the Eurodesk Malta website you may find calls from youth organisation who are also looking for partners.

Do you have some kind of newsletter from which I can keep myself updated about opportunities?
Sure. Eurodesk Malta News is a newsletter posted on Fridays and you can subscribe by logging on here.

Is Eurodesk Malta on Facebook?
Who isn’t?! You can find us on facebook.

…and Twitter?
Sure! Log on and follow us on Twitter.