Father’s guitar


RJOS “Apvalus stalas” is preparing an international youth project “Father’s guitar” with Baltic and Nordic countries.

Project will take a place In June 2013 in Lithuania

The aim of the project is – to reveal live music traditions, increase citizenship in between young people and strengthen the cooperation between rich Baltic and Nordic live music cultures.

Target group:

  •  Young people who are interested in music or any live music bands from Nordic countries (Denmark, Greenland, Finland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Åland)

Project description:
During this project we want to prove that live Nordic and Baltic music may be immortal and compete with well-known world’s songs. We want to show for youth how beauty and unique is music from different countries and cultures. While organizing, preparing and participating in project activities all participants will improve their organizational skills, will get inspiration and will share their experience with each other. During musical workshops young musicians will create and arrange live music songs, improve their English, communication skills, musicianship and main moral valuables. In the final event of the meeting – live music festival “Father’s guitar” all participants (live music bands) will perform their own and revealed songs for the audience. All these things will be achieved by using a non-formal education. We hope that all participants at the end of the project will say that: “Live music is the treasure of their country”.

We expect that this project will help to:

  • To reveal the beauty and originality of live Nordic and Baltic music;
  • Identify the uniqueness of music in different countries and mark positive similarities;
  • Encourage young people to create and play live music in their mother languages in order to promote citizenship;
  • Share good experience and learn from each other;
  • Improve self-confidence and understanding of their role in saving live music in their mother languages.

This project will be applied for the 1st of September 2012 deadline for “NORDBUK” program. More about the fund:

More about hosting organization you can find in our website: www.lyderiai.net/en

If you are interested in this idea please contact us as soon as possible: projects@lyderiai.net

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Projects coordinator
Milda Bagdonaite