Good quality communication and group dynamics

Hello Friends,

We’d better follow this advice for good quality communication and group dynamics. As you know, we share all friends’ ideas about EU projects such as Youth, some youth activties, youth and other type of youth projects. Please,share only project ideas here !!! not others !!! Please, don’t write any answers on groups for project and directly write to their contact address upon e mail. Do not write anything here if you will be partner for their project. Please,Don’t write lots of e mails about your project by your name.We don’t want rubbish here. if you keep on writing more e mails by your name,we will delete them;in other words,We will never share them. Please,share only your project ideas and your project’s information in here. We need tolerance and respect for other people’s rights. We are sorry if you will not obey this group’s rules.We will then delete your name here. We will never share your ideas, we will never help you.This group is only for EU projects. Best regards,