16-23 September 2012

Ankara (Polatli where Alexander the Great cuts Gordian Knot) TURKEY
Travel(%100- airplane ticket will ve provided before coming to Turkey), boarding, accomadation is free (%100).

This workshop is a special one that teach the participants how to make basic home repairs and avoid calling in a professional plumber, electrician, carpenter or painter. Our main purpose to show the selected foreigners and Turkish participants how to repair a leaking toilet, painting a wall, caulk your tub and bleed a radiator,repair the a broken sofa.We’ll teach computer repair, from the monitor to mouse, from memory to motherboard. And it’s not as complicated as it might be thought. Our training will contain:add printers, software, scanners, joysticks, etc. to the computers.And it will also contain troubleshoot, install, and maintain the computer systems.The workshop includes some lessons focus on teaching how electrical power systems work, as well as installation techniques, circuitry, measuring current, wiring, safety, and repair. The participants will learn the basics and fundemental of electrical circuitry and how to install a light fixture. Find out how to plant a shrub or grow an indoor garden. Our workshop contains also plumbing courses that will teach how to how to install, maintain, specify and troubleshoot plumbing fixtures and systems in homes.They’ll learn to open valves and unclog traps, and become own favorite handyperson.This workshop open to females and males over 18 years old.We will invite 20 participants from EU countries and 10 from Polatli,Turkey.The workshop trainers will be our school experinced teachers and the workshop will be held in our school ateliers.The workshop will be 16-23 September 2012 in Polatlı Ankara Turkey

-18 years old or over
-EU program countries or any world citizens who stay in EU countries while the project date
-No participation before Grundtvig Workshop in three years.

1.Download the application form as attached
2.Fill in the application form
3.Send the form to :
4.Apply early, be in the selected list

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