History? Live It Up! II - Medieval Revival

YOUTH IN ACTION / 1.1 Youth Exchange
“History? Live It Up! II – Medieval Revival”
24/09/2012 (ARRIVAL) – 30/09/2012 (DEPARTURE)
Athens area – Greece

Promo video of the exchange:


I inform you also about the maximum of the travel costs per country (based in the travel cost form you send in the period before apply for the project and finally approved from our N.A.)
Poland (per person, 100% of travel cost -air,bus- not max. of) 480 euros
Lithuania (per person, 100% of travel cost -air,bus- not max. of) 410 euros
Cyprus (per person, 100% of travel cost -air,bus- not max. of) 280 euros
Italy (per person, 100% of travel cost -air,bus- not max. of) 390 euros
Spain (per person, 100% of travel cost -air,bus- not max. of) 400 euros
Portugal (per person, 100% of travel cost -air,bus- not max. of) 300 euros
Malta (per person, 100% of travel cost -air,bus- not max. of) 310 euros


  1. Each NGO participates with one (1) youth leader (18+ no age limit) and 5 young participants (18-25 y.old), in total 6 persons, with NOT any exception
  2. English will be the working language. Participants must have sufficient understanding of English.
  3. Participation fee are 40 Euro per person and it will be deducted from the reimbursement.
  4. Youth in Action cover the 70% of the travel cost and 100% hotel, food, local transports etc.

We need from all of you:

  1. Ready Photocopy of your passports or ID Cards (and also VISA and VISA payment if you have take)
  2. Photocopy of ALL of your Airline Tickets or e-tickets (arrival and departure)
  3. ORIGINAL Invoice from your Travel Office with participant name, airline trip details, and total cost in Euro. If you have e-reservation please have in your mind that we need the receipt from your Credit Card or other type of receipt to prove your bank or cash payment.
  4. Hold your entire boarding pass to give us after your arrival.
  5. If use any local transport (only public bus or train, NO TAXI or RENT a CAR or GAS for a private car) from your home to your airport and return, please hold the receipt. With out receipt is not possible to reimburse your costs.

Your reimburse is take in cash before the end of the activity (70% of the travel cost – 40 euros part. fee per person)


  • You find all the infos about hotel in the website: http://www.londonhotelathens.com/
  • All the participants stay in hotel rooms (3 persons per room – same sex rooms). All rooms have private bathroom, with hit dryers TV, radio, A/C. All you need is in your room, do not bring with you nothing except your personal things.
  • The hotel has restaurant area, meeting area, free Internet access (wi-fi).
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is in Hotel restaurant (all is buffet with many options include vegetarian).