At the beginning of 2011, the Commission launched for a second time a survey aimed at assessing the qualitative outcomes of Youth in Action projects on their participants and promoters. This survey – carried out among more than 5 000 young people, youth workers and youth organisations – shows that the Youth in Action programme is fostering active citizenship and promoting the acquisition of skills leading to personal, social and professional development.
The survey was carried out in all Member States and focused on participants in transnational projects.

Main results

Among the young participants:

• 91% consider that having participated in a YiA project has increased their competences in a foreign language;
• 84% consider that they learned better how to achieve something in the interest of their community or society;
• 75% learned better how to identify opportunities for their personal or professional future;
• 87% say that the projects made them more receptive to multiculturalism in Europe;
• 67% believe that their job chances have increased thanks to the project experience.

Among the youth workers:

• 86% of the respondents consider that they will now give more attention to including an international dimension in their work;
• 92% consider that they gained skills and knowledge which they would not be able to gain through projects organised at national level.

Among the youth organisations:

• 90% consider as ´very true´ or ´somewhat true´ that participating in a project supported by Youth in Action increased their project management skills;
• 89% consider as ´very true´ or ´somewhat true´ that it increased their appreciation of cultural diversity.