Informal Meeting of EU Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs

11-12 July 2013: Informal Meeting of EU Ministers for Employment and Social Affairs

From 11 to 12 July, European Ministers responsible for Social Security and Employment are meeting in Lithuania to discuss ways to tackle youth unemployment.

During the first day of the meeting, the so-called European Alliance for Apprenticeships will be discussed. This is a particular measure to ensure efficient and high-quality mechanisms in the Member States allowing young people to acquire the necessary working experience and skills.

In early July, Lithuania, as the EU Council Presidency Member State, the European Commission and social partners had already signed a declaration of intent scheduling further action which should be taken in relation to the so-called European Alliance for Apprenticeships.


Ministers will also review the recommendation of the European Commission ‘Investing in Children. Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage’, a document aiming to ensure better conditions for children in effective fighting against poverty and social exclusion, developing favourable conditions for growing and education.

In separate working groups, EU Ministers will also discuss the efficiency and effectiveness of social investments, wage-setting mechanisms and economic growth.


The second day will be dedicated to the issue of Social Dimension of the Economic and Monetary Union aiming to ensure the balance between the economic measures and social objectives in order to achieve mutual reinforcement and complementary character of economic growth and social cohesion.



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