International youth exchange

International youth exchange Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 5-22 of August 2012

Call for participants

Project info: Chernivtsi – little Vienna or European Alexandria, city which was speaking 5 languages and had more bookstores than bakeries, is a living example of multicultural community with its own cultural Mythos. Some stories of the city are well known – synagogue becoming cinema, Romanian mayor Trayan Popovici rescuing 20000 Jews during WW2, Jewish girl Miriam Taylor surviving ghetto and WW2, its famous people – Paul Celan, Rose Auslaender, Mihai Eminescu, Olha Kobylyanska etc. During the project we plan to discover and study these stories-and many others, in order to describe and creatively present multiethnic and multicultural Chernivtsi

Activities: We will research, document and creatively present stories Jewish, Polish, Romanian-Moldovan, German-Austrian, Ukrainian life, make time-trips to different historic periods of the city. The project will finish with exhibition and documentary theater. Activities will include: – meeting representatives of different ethnic minorities, recording interviews – research work in the city (history of buildings, streets, areas) – collecting, discussind and adapting oral history materials – developing materials for studying local history by means of documentary theater and other creative methods

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