Joint Recommendations from the EU-Youth Conference in Warsaw published

The EU-Youth Conference is an element of the structured dialogue process that was established by the Council of the European Union in the Resolution on a renewed framework for European cooperation in the youth field (2010-2018). The structured dialogue is an instrument to ensure that the opinion of young people is taken into account in the formation of youth policies in the EU. For the duration of the 18 month Team Presidency (1 July 2011 – 31 December 2012), the Trio Presidency of Poland, Denmark and Cyprus in cooperation with the European Commission and the European Youth Forum made a common decision to implement the structured dialogue on the theme of youth participation in democratic life in Europe with a chosen specific focus area for each of the three presidencies: the second 18 month cycle of structured dialogue with young people.

The first phase of the consultations came to an end with the EU-Youth Conference, 5-7 September 2011 in Warsaw (Poland), where more than 100 youth delegates and Directors General of the EU Member States jointly defined recommendations for the mobility of and cooperation between young people from the EU and EU neighboring countries with a focus on Eastern Europe and Caucasus, based on the results of national consultations.

Find the recommendations here: