Kick it out: EU targets violence and intolerance in sport

The European Commission has awarded grants to support initiatives aimed at tackling violence and intolerance in sport, and to strengthen the way sport is run in Europe.
Twelve trans-national projects have received grants ranging from €125 000 to €200 000 (details below) as part of a package of ‘preparatory actions’ intended to pave the way
for the launch of an EU sub-programme for sport, which would also support grassroots campaigns to promote physical activity, social inclusion through sport, and the fight against doping.

The proposed EU sport sub-programme will be part a broader programme supporting education, training, and youth (‘Erasmus for All’), which is due to be adopted by the Commission later this month. The Commission has proposed €15.2 billion in funding for the Erasmus for All programme between 2014 and 2020 .

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