L’Accoglienza (family house Casa Betania), in Rome (EVS in ROme)

Gondwana has recently been acrreditated as Coordinating Organization within EVS, and will coordinate 10 hosting projects. At the moment we are starting to manage the procedures for our friends of Casa Betania, that hosts EVS volunteers since a long time.
We are happy to announce the opening of the selections for 3 EVS positions in the hosting project Cooperative L’Accoglienza (family house Casa Betania), in Rome. The project has a long experience in hosting EVS volunteers, with really succefull results in term of friendship, commitment and positive involvement of the young volunteers.
Casa Betania islooking for motivated volunteers, ready to share the daily life with kids and teens in needs, giving warmness, fun and support. As the project calls for the volunteers living together with the women and children (also disable) at Casa Betania, we would prefer to host female volunteers. This is a choice informed by practical and logistical concerns; we do not wish for it to be viewed as discrimination against possible male volunteers.
No particular skills or experience are required, only a willingness to get involved and enthusiasm for their principles and mission. It is important that volunteers at Casa Betania be people that are attentive to the individual needs of our guests, that they are tactful but friendly. It is clearly necessary that they like children and do not have problems relating to them. It is also of fundamental importance that the volunteers be open minded, taking care of all of our guests equally, without prejudice or discrimination.
They are ready to work with any sending organization, from any country in Europe. The coordinating organization, Gondwana, will react to every candidate that contacts us. We will go into the details of the project to explore the real motivations and expectations of the volunteers. The final decision will be based on our feelings and experiences, without discrimination and with great transparency.
For those interested, visit the project at http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=42000733501

When: From 2011 November 15th to 2012 June 15th
Where: in Rome, Casa Betania house
How to apply: Send CV and Motivation Letter to sve@gondwanasud.org before July 31st