Mal Tee Natural Environment and its Flora and Fauna

The diversity of life on earth is often referred to as ‘biodiversity’, a term which encompasses the entire variation of living organisms and their habitats found on the planet. This is undeniably a very wide, all-encompassing understanding of what biodiversity is, but it is more important to understand that biodiversity affects each and every one of us, especially since it provides essential ‘services’ necessary for human survival and economic activity. NCW Environment Committee invites NCW members, friends and the General Public to a very interesting talk and presentation.



Talk entitled,” Mal Tee Natural Environment and its Flora and Fauna”


Mr Alfred Baldacchino, who has published a number of popular and scientific works on biodiversity and the need for its appreciation and conservation will give a presentation on Friday 10th May at NCW Centre Mountbatten Street Blata l-Bajda at 5.30pm .


NCW Members, friends and the General Public are invited. The presentation will be conducted in English and Maltese.


For registration kindly send an email on or phone NCW Office on 21248881/21246982 by Wednesday 8th May