MEDIA Mundus: Commission's €5 million boost for international film projects

Some 35 film-related projects are to receive a total of €5 million in funding from the MEDIA Mundus programme, the European Union’s international cooperation and exchange programme for the audiovisual industry. The projects will help to strengthen the distribution of European films in non-European markets and vice-versa.

Among the 35 projects selected for co-funding are: “IPEDA MUNDUS”
This project facilitates the release of European films on prominent internet video platforms in the US and Canada. It also helps North American film-makers to access European counterparts.
“EYE ON FILMS”: This is a global network of distributors and festivals which distribute debut feature films in more than 20 countries.
“DOCSTORIES”: A training workshop which aims to develop creative documentary projects and innovative non-fiction programmes in the Black Sea region (Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Armenia).
“Docstories” will also create a network to encourage the circulation of documentaries and exchange of best practices.

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