MENTORS UNIVERSE - Improving the quality of EVS mentorship

Wednesday, 22nd February 2011
Published By: Malta NA

Activity date: 24-04-2011 – 30-04-2011

Activity type: Training course

Target group: Youth workers
EVS mentors (or soon to become mentors), EVS project managers responsible for training and recruiting

Group size: 30

Venue: Adrasan, Antalya, Turkey

Aims and objectives:
•You will deepen your understanding of EVS mentorship and various roles and responsibilities of EVS mentors in different contexts.
•You will identify the benefits of mentoring for the mentee and the mentor.
•You will increase your understanding of EVS as a non-formal learning experience and be able to identify and work with methods and tools (including the Youthpass) that help mentors to support the volunteer’s learning process.
•You will enhance your understanding and competences on how to support EVS mentees in:

*crisis management (EVS specific);
*intercultural learning, dealing with ambiguity and change;
*identification of the roles, rights and responsibilities of all actors in the EVS project.
•You will share experience, good practices, as well as methods and tools related to different aspects of mentoring.
•You will be supported in checking the need and potential for multiplying the training outcomes, with the possibility of drawing suggestions for follow-up (depending on the group’s needs).
•You will gain basic knowledge of EVS within the YiA Programme, as needed.

Costs: Travelling and participating costs will both be covered by the Turkish National Agency. A minimal participation cost may be requested by the Turkish National Agency.

Working language: English

Organizer: NA-Turkey

Application: send it to

Deadline: 02-03-2011

Date of selection: 11-03-2011

Apply online: