MEPs vote on the Professional Qualifications Directive

MEPs vote on the Professional Qualifications Directive

Today the European Parliament voted a draft law on the modernisation of the Professional Qualifications Directive

The text adopted today will make it easier for professionals who wish to establish themselves or provide their services in other Member States to have their qualifications recognised, while guaranteeing an improved level of protection for consumers and citizens.

The Directive introduces a virtual professional qualifications card, to make it easier for doctors, pharmacists, architects and other professionals to move to and practice in another EU country and an alert system, to make it harder for those barred from a profession at home to do likewise.

The Directive contains also other measures which will contribute to encouraging the mobility of professionals across the European Union.


The draft directive, approved by 596 votes to 37 with 31 abstentions, still has to be formally approved by EU member states.


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