The National Student Fee and Support Systems 2012/13

Eurydice report: The National Student Fee and Support Systems 2012/13

The report finds that of the 32 countries it covers, the United Kingdom (England) charges the highest amount of student fees, while a number of countries, mainly Nordic, apply a ‘no fee’ regime for all students.

The report tries to capture all main costs charged to students and not only those that are officially defined as ‘fees’. In Ireland, for example, few students officially pay tuition fees, yet students are obliged to pay ‘student contributions’ that are higher than fees in most other European countries.

The national information sheets in the report not only show the amount of fees students (including international students) pay during first and second cycle education, but also show the financial support available to them in the form of need and merit-based grants, loans and other tax benefits and family allowances. Information refers to public or government-dependent private higher education institutions but not to private higher education institutions.


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