A new call for proposals for the Preparatory action - Your first EURES job has been launched.

A new call for proposals for the Preparatory action – Your first EURES job has been launched.


The overall objectives of the preparatory action are the following:

– to provide young people with access not only to jobs in other EU countries but to facilitate also the matching and placement for apprentices and trainees as a critical element to help transition from school of education to work;

– to contribute to fill bottleneck vacancies with available youth workforce at EU level

– to foster workers’ freedom of movement as set out in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU, Art. 45)


Purpose of this call is to select and finance the provision of services by public, private or third sector employment organisations with a legal profit or non-profit status.

The objective is also to extend the pool of labour market organisations operating under the ‘Your first EURES job’ preparatory action.

Interested organisations may submit a proposal exploring one or both of the following dimensions:

– Job placements (consisting in the provision of information, recruitment, job matching and job placement services)

– Traineeship and/or apprenticeship placements (consisting in the provision of information, recruitment, work-based training placement and possibly mentoring services).


Selected projects should support and finance the following groups:

– young people (aged 18-30) willing to find a job, traineeship or apprenticeship and move to another Member State;

– employers and SMEs in particular when these provide an integration programme for their newly-recruited young mobile workers, trainees or apprentices.

The present call can finance between six to ten projects. The expected result is the job placement of at least 1500 young people in Member States, other than their country of residence throughout the duration of selected projects.


Who can apply:

– Public, private or third sector organisations should be legally established in one of the 28 Member States;

– should have a legal profit or non-profit status, whose mission is the provision of general employment services to jobseekers, job changers, trainee or apprentice candidates and employers covering a variety of occupations and jobs or work-based trainings in different economic sectors;

– should bring a meaningful EU dimension to the project by providing customer-oriented information and services in at least three different Member States.


Budget and duration:

The total budget is EUR 5 000 000. The European Union’s financial contribution will not exceed 95% of the total eligible costs of the proposed activities.

The Commission expects to finance five to ten projects (indicative). The maximum EU grant will be approximately EUR 1 million per beneficiary. Sources of cofinancing can be public or private.

The duration of projects should be 12 months maximum.


Deadline: 10 December 2013


Find out more: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=629&langId=en&callId=391&furtherCalls=yes


The Eurodesk database ([ http://www.eurodesk.eu/edesk/SearchDb.do?go=2&progId=EU0010000504&country=EU&show ]EU0010000504) will be updated accordingly.