New features on the volunteering database

The EVS Database (Volunteering Database) on the European Youth Portal is now available with a range of new features including, for the first time, the ability for EVS organisations to advertise their projects to attract potential volunteers.

The aims of the enhanced Volunteering Database are to:

  • Help young people to find EVS volunteering placements more easily.
  • Assist organisations to attract potential volunteers to their projects by allowing them to post “advertisements” for the opportunities to volunteer.
  • Enable organisations which are accredited for EVS to reduce the number of enquiries they receive when they do not have any projects to offer.

At present, the opportunities part of the Volunteering Database is focused only on projects related to the European Voluntary Service. The new features of the system can also only be accessed by representatives of organisations which received their EVS accreditation under the Erasmus+ programme.

The User Guide gives step-by-step instructions for EVS organisations on how to manage their contact details and add new opportunities.

One can also take a look at the quick guide to the new ‘Volunteering Database’