New online tool on quality assurance in vocational education and training.

A new online tool offers national and regional policy makers guidance on how to approach quality assurance in vocational education and training. The aim is to make vocational education and training more attractive across Europe by ensuring that courses respond to the needs of the labour market and today’s high quality standards.

The new online tool provides guidance on how to build and monitor a quality assurance system in vocational training. It is based on examples of different approaches from EU countries.

The tool has been developed by quality assurance experts from 33 European countries participating in the EQAVET network.

Making vocational training more attractive

More than half of all students in Europe choose to follow vocational training, which provides them with a qualification that enables them to easily get a job later. While in some EU countries vocational education and training are educational choices with a high standing, in others they suffer from the image of being dead-end paths or linked to low quality training.

A shared understanding across Europe of the significance of quality and quality assurance for qualifications and education and training systems in general will create mutual trust and recognition and make it easier for Europeans to move between countries.

Improving quality assurance

In 2009 the European Parliament and the Council backed the creation of a European quality assurance framework for vocational education and training (EQAVET). Under this voluntary scheme Member States have pledged to improve national quality assurance systems where appropriate, making best use of the European framework.

EQAVET is backed by a network of experts and one of the first results of this co-operation is the new online guidance tool.

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