Open Call for tender EAC/08/2012 - A profile of current and future audiovisual consumers

Open Call for tender EAC/08/2012 – A profile of current and future audiovisual consumers

As part of the European Commission’s policy development and in support of the of the proposed Creative Europe framework programme (2014-2020), the European Commission is currently looking at audience building throughout Europe, and is in need of assistance in the form of a report providing input for successful audience-building measures in Europe.

The study should aim at understanding the behaviour, preferences and orientations of audiences for films in general and, in particular, of young audiences. To that end, it should include in-depth interviews with, in particular, 10–15 and 15–25 year olds to learn more about their consumption patterns and their perception of current ways of marketing European films, series, etc.; i.e. could different or earlier marketing change their behaviour?

The study should investigate the impact of different marketing tools including the use of social media. Furthermore it should analyse some of the existing film literacy initiatives and their impact on the future consumption patterns. The role of social networks for audiovisual consumption should be analysed. The study should be implemented by experts/consultants, who have in-depth experience with market research.

The study “A profile of current and future audiovisual consumers” will cover the 31 Member States of the MEDIA Programme (EU 27, EEA, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). It could also provide input regarding the better circulation of European films worldwide (MEDIA Mundus), including a specific focus on neighbouring regions such as the Western Balkans, Black Sea area and Mediterranean.
Deadline: 13 August 2012

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