Otlas - A new networking tool for the Youth in Action Programme

Today’s internet-focused society places new demands on organisations and groups working with youth issues. Networking often takes place online, and the process of finding project partners for your initiative can involve convoluted searches of several databases.

Otlas, the new partner-finding tool for Youth in Action, represents a change:

it has been developed for access and familiarity, both in terms of the interface and in terms of being hosted on www.salto-youth.net, a site that is already used by many of the organisations and project promoters within Youth in Action.

Head over to www.salto-youth.net/otlas and join the new wave of youth field work!

Why Otlas represents a step forward

Otlas is a free resource, open to anyone who is searching for contacts or project partners within the youth field. It is run by the SALTO Information Resource Centre and is the official partner-finding tool for Youth in Action, two factors which guarantee both the quality and the longevity of the resource. Otlas represents an optimized and novel tool for organisations and groups in the youth field: no longer will they have to maintain several networking accounts or be concerned that an important database will cease to exist due to lack of funding. This also guarantees the continued development of the site, which is essential if Otlas is to continue to be a useful tool for youth organisations and project promoters.

In addition to all of this, Otlas is part of www.salto-youth.net, a website that already contains important information and other tools for those who work in the youth field. In fact, many of them already have an account on the site. The redesigned interface is both versatile and user-friendly, optimized to work with the resources that were previously on the site as well as with Otlas.

The importance of collecting these resources and the networking efforts in the same place cannot be underestimated: the potential synergy effect of the new site could have quite the impact on youth field work.

Otlas makes it easier

Not only does Otlas make the process of networking within a project easier for organisations and project promoters, it also represents an important relief for National Agencies. A significant part of the communication between the various National Agencies concerns informal and formal partner requests from beneficiaries. A centralised partner-finding tool will be a great asset to all National Agencies in order to reduce the workload brought on by partner requests. This, then, would make implementing the programme smoother and more efficient.

Now, Otlas needs promotion towards the target group, and we’ll rely heavily on the National Agencies and SALTO RCs to use all available channels for making Otlas as widely known as possible. SALTO Information RC will provide logos, web banners and marketing texts to assist in this work – all available on Youthnet this week.