Parliament adopts EU budget for 2011

The European Parliament adopted the 2011 EU budget at its plenary session in Strasbourg.
The adopted budget reflects most of MEPs’ priorities, while respecting the total limits laid down by the Council.
The 2011 budget, includes more funding for the priorities set out by MEPs, including youth, innovation, the Middle East peace process and Palestine.

For examples:
1a Competitiveness for growth and employment – MEPs won more money for the Lifelong Learning Programme (+€18 million), the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (+€10 million) and Intelligent Energy — Europe programme (+€10 million).
1b Cohesion for growth and employment – MEPs added a new line, worth +€2.5 million, for the Baltic Sea strategy
2 Preservation and management of natural resources – MEPs increased the environment programme Life+ by +€6.7 million and support for the management of fishery resources by +€2 million
3a Freedom, security and justice – MEPs won +€2.35 million for the Daphne programme for the fight against violence against women and children and +€1 million for prevention of terrorism
3b Citizenship – MEPs obtained +€4 million to support the World Special Olympics in Athens and +€3 million to the Youth in Action programme
4 The EU as a global partner – an extra amount of +€100 million for Palestine, the peace process and UNRWA

All details are available here