"Partnership in Action" Partnership Building Activity |17-22 June 2012 | Predeal, Romania

“Partnership in Action”

Partnership Building Activity

17-22 June 2012 | Predeal, Romania

A Partnership Building Activity with training elements aiming on creating viable partnerships with a focus on the projects to be submitted under the Eastern Partnership Window.

If you are a youth worker willing to get involved in creating an international partnership and developing youth projects, you are in the right place!

Why should you come?

Because this event aims to:

  • create a space where you and the other participants will develop partnerships to be able to submit good quality applications and implement effectively Youth in Action and Eastern Partnership Window projects
  • learn the necessary information for understand the key related to Youth in Action and Eastern Partnership Window projects
  • provide a space for sharing knowledge and experiences between organizations involved in youth work.

Actions under which the Partnership Building Activity is expected to develop projects:
– European Voluntary Service
– Youth Exchanges
– Training and Networking Activities
Who is expected to come?

The participants are expected to be youth workers (project managers, trainers) and representatives of such organizations able to share the knowledge, experiences and good practices, and finally to came up with the ideas of projects and find new partners for the projects.

The event is addressed to the NGOs and public institution working in the youth field interested to learn more and get involved in Youth in Action projects in general and on Eastern Partnership Window in particular.

A special focus will be addressed to organizations (NGOs or public institutions) interested to develop projects under the Eastern Partnership Window.

Participants are expected to be involved in youth or social work.

Working methods
During the event there will be used interactive and non-formal methods placing the participants in the center of the learning process and focusing on the understanding of the concepts and specifics of working in Youth in Action projects. A mix of workshops, facilitated discussions and other active tools will be mainly used while the work results will be presented in the plenary sessions.

The activities will be led by experienced facilitators with sound understanding of Youth in Action.

Predeal, Romania (in the Carpathian mountains). Participants are expected to arrive to the Henri Coanda airport in Bucharest where they will be picked up and transferred by the organizers to the hotel in Predeal. The transfer takes around 2.5 to 3 hours.

Selection of participants
Deadline of application (all applicants): 18th of May 2012

Program Countries participants – the selection will be done by the corresponding sending National Agency. All interested sending NAs are kindly requested to finish the selection of participants according to the profile and send the application forms of selected participants to the Romanian NA until 25th of May 2012.

Neighboring countries and Eastern Partnership Window participants – the selection will be done by the Romanian National Agency until 25th of May 2012.

Apply online:

Applications submitted to the Maltese NA are open for residents of the Maltese Islands who are active in a group of young people and/or NGO. A co-funding element of €10 applies for selected participants