Preparing Global Leaders Institute in Macedonia, Call for Applications

Preparing Global Leaders Institute in Macedonia, Call for Applications

August 13-26th

Location: South Eastern European University, Tetovo, Macedonia (with several sponsored excursions throughout the country)

Faculty: Nationally recognized professors from Georgetown University(2), SEEU, FON, SS. Cyril and Methodius University. Students from all over the world will take courses on Leadership, Communication, NATO and The EU, Global Cooperation, International Security and NGO Leadership and participate in interactive simulations with colleagues from over 20 countries. Visiting dignitaries will deliver guest lectures.

Our Objectives

To Bring together Young Global Leaders at our global events and leadership developmental programs. Participants are encouraged to learn from our professors, from each other, and with each other, in a search for forward-looking and innovative solutions to present and future-day problems. Our events are dynamic, interactive gatherings that focus on collaboration across traditional “divides” and where every participant plays an active role.

Catalyze the next generation of leaders through personal experiences that enable Young Global Leaders to build knowledge and engender a better understanding of global challenges and trends, as well as to further enhance their unique role as leaders within their organizations and the broader community.

Positively impact the global agenda by engaging the Young Leaders in initiatives and task forces related to specific global challenges which they identify collectively. PGLIs bring their diverse skill-set to tackle a range of issues using their expertise, knowledge and networks to make a sound contribution to the world.

Deadline 24.06.2012

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