Press Release - Model NATO Youth Summit

220 students from across the Globe will meet this summer in Brussels, for the largest NATO simulation in the world. All students passionate about international relations are invited to apply for the first edition of Model NATO Youth Summit (MoNYS), the largest simulation of NATO’s decision-making process organized so far and the only one of its kind in Europe, to be held in Brussels, from the 8th to 13th of July 2012.

The project is dedicated to students aged between 18 and 28, with experience and demonstrated interest in such simulations. At this time, the registration process is still open for students wishing to enroll as a delegation (5 members and a leader), or as a journalist during the Summit. To register as a delegation, all 6 students must come from the same university in one of these regions: Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Caucasus, Russian Federation, Northern Europe, Baltic Countries, Western Europe, Central Asia and North America. For journalists there are no nationality restrictions.

During the summit, the delegates, representing 50 countries (28 NATO Member States and 22 Partner Countries), will fulfill the role of high-level diplomats and will discuss topics of major importance that appear on NATO’s current agenda, simulating the activities of six councils and committees:
 North Atlantic Council;
 Defence Policy and Planning Committee;
 Political Partnership Committee;
 Operation Policy Committee;
 Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council;
 NATO-Russia Council.

“The debates will take place under the journalists’ close supervision, who will keep track of the events and will report on their progress every day, acting exactly like correspondents for 12 major international publications.” (George-Mihael MANEA, Project Manager MoNYS)
For more information please consult the official website of the project: