Progress requires growth. This factual observation has been at the heart of the European Union since its very beginning as the consolidation of peace relied on the continued expansion of the Union of 6 European states. To date, the EU stands at 27 Member States, with more seeking to join namely the Western Balkans, Turkey, Croatia and Iceland.

So as to bring better Member States and those in process of membership, the European Commission launched the PRINCE programme, carrying a budget of €2.5 million. Having its focus on increasing communication between citizens of the EU-27 and potential EU states, the priorities identified for Lot 1 centre on the creation of television programmes intended to shed light on the pros and cons that citizens of candidate countries are likely to experience on entering the European Union as well as clearly explaining the realities and facts associated to EU accession. These measures are also intended to debunk the myths that are generally associated with EU accession, and should help pave the way for a better understanding of what entry within the European Union entails.

The priorities identified for Lot 2 are similar to those intended for Lot 1. In this instance, the preferred medium through which this is to be achieved is different and considerably more extensive than identified in Lot 1, with the importance placed on awareness campaigns.

Proposals are to be submitted by not later than 31st March, 2011.

Further details on the PRINCE call, including eligibility, application form and guidelines, are available at