Programme for employment and social innovation (EaSI) adopted

Programme for employment and social innovation (EaSI) adopted

Today the Council of the European Union adopted a regulation on the new EU programme for employment and social innovation (EaSI).

EaSI, with a budget of €815 million for the 2014-20 period, is to support member states to carry out employment and social policy activities at European, national as well as regional and local levels by means of policy coordination, the identification, analysis and sharing of best practices.


EaSI integrates and extends three existing programmes: i.e Progress (programme for employment and social solidarity), EURES (European employment services) and the European progress microfinance facility.


The Programme contributes to achieving the Europe 2020 targets, especially its poverty reduction and employment objectives.

It supports the implementation of the flagship initiatives, with special regard to the European platform against poverty and social exclusion, an agenda for new skills and jobs, and youth on the move, as well as the Youth employment package.


Together with the ESF, the Fund for the European aid for the most deprived and the European globalisation adjustment Fund, EaSI forms the fourth pillar of the EU initiative for employment and social inclusion 2014-2020.


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