Quality Markt -Youth Participation and Inclusion | 2-4 March 2012 | Malta.

Weekend Seminar

Summary: The ‘Youth Participation and Inclusion weekend Seminar’ aims at exposing and debating the themes of Inclusion and Participation in the field of youth work practice. It will help participants to develop skills in order to assist young people in an inclusive setting and to encourage youth to engage and participate fully in youth groups and youth activities.

Date: 2-3-4 March 2012

Activity type: Training course

Target group: Youth leaders, youth workers and anyone who is actively interested in youth participation and inclusion.

For participants from Malta and Gozo

Venue place: Malta

Group size: 25


  • To offer support and information about Participation and Inclusion;
  • To encourage the participation of young people with fewer opportunities and/or diverse needs;
  • To motivate young people to engage in youth groups and youth activities;
  • To promote young people’s involvement as partners, empowering youth leadership and youth-run initiatives;
  • To give the opportunity to share insights, experiences and good practices;
  • To promote the YiA programme as a tool, which promotes and enables youth participation and inclusion.

Requirements: Experience in youth work or potential and current beneficiaries of the YiA programme and is over 18 years of age.

Methodology: The training course is ‘a learning by doing experience’ including simulation exercises, workshops, talk by experts, discussions, self-reflection and group evaluation sessions.

Costs: €10 (against acceptance letter)

Working language: Maltese

Organizer: EUPA | Youth in Action – Training and Cooperation Plan (TCP)

Applications: To apply kindly send the application form to christopher.a.gatt@gov.mt

Deadline to apply: 17th February 2012.

Applications submitted to the Maltese NA are open for residents of the Maltese Islands who are active in a group of young people and/or NGO.