R_U_Online? Seminar | 2-7 October 2012 | POHTO, Oulu, Finland


2-7 October 2012 | POHTO, Oulu, Finland
R_U_Online? is a seminar that brings together teams of youth workers and young people who are interested in learning more about the internet, good online practices and ways to use internet for positive change.

R_U_Online? Well, most of us are. But what are we doing in the internet? What do we use online services for, what do the others do? Are we using internet for business or pleasure? What are the things that we like and don’t like about it?

Internet is everywhere, it has revolutionised the world. It has helped big scale good and bad things happen around the world and given us more freedom and also more worries in our lives. The seminar gives an opportunity to understand ourselves better in terms of internet use. Maybe we can find ways of bringing the positive effects offline as well?

To motivate young people and youth workers to get active on using internet for positive change in society

– To understand better the power of internet and how does it shape our lives
– To reflect how internet reshapes concepts of safety, identity and friendship
– To compare and learn about good online practices to promote positive change in society
– To understand our roles in making positive influence using internet
– To learn about the possibilities of Youth in Action Programme to make projects

We look for teams of 1 adult + 1-2 young people (16-18 years of age) to join the very international seminar and learn about online possibilities. You should be motivated to reflect on your use of internet and learn about the possibilities using online ideas offline.

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Click on: http://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/training/r-u-online.2588/

Application deadline: 19 August 2012
Date of selection: 7 September 2012

Training overview

This Seminar is for 38 participants from Belgium – FR, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and recommended for Youth workers, Youth leaders, Young people 16-18 years olds

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CIMO National Agency of Youth in Action Programme in Finland (National Agency)
Contact for questions:
Paavo Pyykkönen
E-Mail: paavo.pyykkonen@cimo.fi
Phone: +358 295 338 547


The Finnish National Agency of Youth in Action Programme will take care of the accommodation costs, meals, training facilities and training materials of the training. Please contact the National Agency in your country to see how your travel costs are covered or if you have to pay a participation fee.

Applications submitted to the Maltese NA are open for residents of the Maltese Islands who are active in a group of young people and/or NGO. A co-funding element of €10 applies for selected participants