Ready, Steady, Go!... 29 May - 3 June 2012 | Glasgow, United Kingdom | Training Course

Ready, Steady, Go!…

Training course

29 May – 3 June 2012 | Glasgow, United Kingdom

In this year of the Olympics we explore how to use sport as a tool towards intercultural dialogue & entrepreneurship. In this TC we bring community/social/youth workers & those that work within sport together to develop new ideas, strategies & projects.

The 3 Phases in the Training are:
The READY phase will be about getting to know each other, introducing the topics and exploring theory.
The STEADY phase will be about examining best practice, sharing inspiration and building on each others ideas.

Finally, the GO phase will be about developing tools, collaborations and strategies for next steps.

– To raise the principles and values of the Olympic Ideals and improve the understanding of the Olympic Ideals and their place in the world today.
A better knowledge of the concept of social learning through sport – how sport enables cross-cultural, cross-linguistic and cross generational connections, understanding and opportunities.

A better understanding of how to use Sports as an effective tool for job creation, entrepreneurship and economical development.

New ideas and plans to take forward with participants on this course as well as to take back home in relation to all the things that have been learned.

– Simulation Exercises:
Role play and simulation activities so the participants can feel the protagonists and to understand better the Olympic values.

– Multimedia Presentations:
Presentations creatively and carefully designed from the trainers team.

– Creative Workshops:
Workshops to promote creativity and to help participants group to explore in a different way, the outcomes. Loesje creative writing workshop will be one of them. For more details of the workshop please visit

– Presentation of good practices

– Interactive workshops: Olympic Ideals and Values, Intercultural Dialogue, Globalisation, Strategic Planning, Youthpass, Loesje workshop, YIA.
– Visiting Local Projects relevant to the topic.
– Socialising Activities, sports, intercultural night, City rally, parties, games.
After the TC all participants will have the opportunity to have in a a CD all the resources used throughout the course. All multimedia presentation will be there.

Application deadline:26 April 2012

Apply online:

Applications submitted to the Maltese NA are open for residents of the Maltese Islands who are active in a group of young people and/or NGO. A co-funding element of €10 applies for selected participants