Report on EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights at EU border

Report on EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights at EU border

In comparison to 2011, the number of goods detained has decreased from 115 million to 40 million in 2012. However, the number of cases has remained stable above 90.000 and the value of the goods remained at nearly 1 billion euros, according to the Commission’s annual report on customs actions to enforce intellectual property rights (IPR).

The report also gives statistics on the type, origin and transport method of IPR infringing products detained at the EU’s external borders.

The top 3 categories of articles stopped by customs were cigarettes (31%); other goods such as bottles, lamps, glue, batteries and washing powder (12%); and packaging materials (10%).

Postal and courier packages accounted for around 70% of customs interventions in 2012.

The largest number of cases was detained through postal and express carrier transport (70%), with 23% of the detentions in postal traffic concerning medicines, followed by air transport (18%).

In terms of where the fake goods originated, China continued to be the main source, accounting for 65% of all IPR infringing articles. Other countries, however, were the top source for specific product categories, such as Morocco for foodstuffs, Hong Kong for CD/DVDs and other tobacco products (mainly electronic cigarettes and liquid fillings for them), and Bulgaria for packaging materials.

Around 90% of all detained cases were either destroyed or a court case was initiated to determine the infringement.


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