Seminar on "Trust in Education" - Warsaw.

The Fresnel Foundation is non-profit organization established in 2007. It promotes respecting copyright, intellectual property and honesty in Polish higher education and science and works to improve its quality. The Foundation organizes annual seminars (under Europe for Citizens Programme) on plagiarism issues and implements several educational projects for pupils and teachers.

The main aim of the project: engaging students/citizens into building trust in higher education institutions. project will be divided into two main parts:
1) a study on Internet use by students (we are interested in dishonesty among students – the scope of the phenomenon and its different kinds, students’
knowledge, awareness and opinions about plagiarism);
2) good practice spreading – conferences, trainings, workshops, publication, website concerning honesty in higher education and anti-plagiarism issues, anti-plagiarism handbook.

when: April 2012
where: Warsaw (Poland)
contact person: Paulina Gajownik
deadline: 01.06.2011