Since 2004 the Austrian youth center ClickIn Gratwein (
organize the SOCIAL SOCCER CUP, a football
tournament especially for youth centers and social institutions in Europe.

The goal of this tournament, apart from sports, is giving different young
people of different ethnic and social backgrounds an opportunity for
meeting, exchanging and to abolish prejudices. With fair-play in
foreground, it´s not about how good you play, it´s about participating
and having a lot of fun. Each team consists of 6 players (at least one
girl – if you have no girl, a team consists only 5 players ) not older
than 18 years – in the last 8 years we have applications from youth and
social institutions from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland,
Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, Brazil, Chile and Uruquay !

Also for 2011, we have applications from United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium,
Hungary, Austria, ….

The Social Soccer Cup is inspired by the “Homeless World Cup”,
an event of the city of Graz as European Cultural Capital City of 2003.

The future goal is to establish an international championship for youth
institutions from all over Europe.

This year the tournament takes place on June 25, 2011 at the ground in
Gratwein ( 10km north from Graz, the second biggest city in Austria ) and
for us it´s important that the participating teams can find action not
only on the field, also off the field: Creative Actionpoints, different
soccer competitions and many more will shorten the breaks. A big
tournament final with VIP coaches, national anthems and pyrotechnical
effects will make the Social Soccer Cup an event and youth exchange. So
young people create their own little world cup for young people …
naturally the whole youth exchange is organized “non profit
making”, the complete work of organisation is done by the youngsters

Tournament starts at 10:00 on Saturday, the final and winners celebration
will be at 17:00. For teams from other countries there´s the possibility
to sleep from Friday to Sunday in a sporthall directly near the
sportsground in Gratwein. There are also a lot of special offers from some
pubs, restaurants in the village, so that also meals and drinks will not
be too expensive. For all teams we can offer trophies, a ball and some
special gifts 🙂 …

We would be very happy if your institution is interested on participating
by the Social Soccer Cup 2011. For all further informations watch our
homepage with pictures from the last years and all
rules and informations about this youth-event. Naturally we also happy
about questions per mail at !