Spring 2013 Standard Eurobarometer

Spring 2013 Standard Eurobarometer

The report provides a selection of data on various topics such as the economy and the European political situation. It is published jointly with the results of the Standard Eurobarometer questions on the economic crisis and other political trends in the EU, which are set out in an annex.

The report finds that six out of ten citizens in the EU feel “European” and want to know more about their rights, but less than half (46%) know what these rights are.

It also shows that Europeans see their rights as EU citizens as the most positive result from the EU, almost six in ten people identify the free movement of people, goods and services as the EU’s most positive result.

Despite the crisis, those saying they are optimistic about the EU’s future outnumber those who say they are pessimistic in 19 out of 28 countries, while pessimism about the impact of the crisis on jobs appears to be receding.

Almost seven in ten Europeans (67%), with a majority in all Member States, say that the EU’s voice counts in the world.

An absolute majority (51%) of Europeans are in favour of the euro, with those living within the Euro area supporting the single currency with a two-thirds majority (62%). This support is at or near its strongest (between 68% and 77%) in four out of the last five countries to join the Euro area (Estonia, Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia).


The Spring 2013 Standard Eurobarometer was conducted through face-to-face interviews between 10 and 26 May 2013.

A total of 32,694 people were interviewed across the EU Member States and in the candidate countries.


Find out more: http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/archives/eb/eb79/eb79_en.htm