the Support for information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy.

There has been a call for proposals for the Support for information measures relating to the Common Agricultural Policy.


The priority theme for this call is the reformed Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

– For citizens, the priority themes will deal with general topics about the CAP and should focus on its three core elements: food safety, sustainable management of the natural resources and the development of the rural areas.

The objective of these actions is to inform a large number of people about the basic issues of the reformed CAP.

– For rural actors, actions should focus on the implementation of new measures introduced by the CAP reform, such as the convergence of direct aids, their ‘greening’, conditionality, specific support measures for certain types of production, support for young farmers and small farms,

market support mechanisms, producer and interbranch organisations, development of short supply circuits, risk management, insurance-income systems, access to quality schemes such as PDO/PGI/TSG (actions targeting producers, especially in Member States with a low rate of registration),

innovation and restructuring, modernisation and diversification of businesses and other rural development measures, or the farm advisory systems.


Types of measures:

— production and distribution of multimedia or audiovisual material,

— production and distribution of printed material (pub­ lications, posters, etc.),

— setting up Internet and social network tools,

— media events,

— conferences, seminars or workshops,

— events type ‘city farm’ which help to explain the importance of agriculture to the urban population,

— events type ‘open doors’ aiming at showing to the citizens the role of agriculture,

— static or mobile exhibitions or information points.



Text of the call is available [ ]here.



Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the paper version, nonetheless, and in order to facilitate its treatment, applicants are also requested to send an electronic copy of the application by e-mail to by 15 November 2013 at 24.00 CET.

Deadline to submit applications by post: 30 November 2013



The Eurodesk database ([ ]EU0010000084) will be updated accordingly.