Tackling EUROPE 2020 Target: Early Leavers from Education and Training

Seminar / Conference
11th -15th November 2014 | Malta
This seminar will bring professionals working in different Educational fields from across the EU to Malta to discuss the issue of Early Leaving (ESL) from Education and Training.

‘Early school leaving (ESL) is an obstacle to economic growth and employment’ . The EU has set the target of reducing ESL to 10% across member states by 2020. In 2014, the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta launched a strategic plan to prevent ESL. In 2013, the rate in Malta was at 20.9%, which was the second highest in the EU. Notwithstanding, this fact, Malta is committed to ensure that youths further their education as much as possible.

For this reason, the MT NA is organising a Conference to promote the Erasmus+ programme as a means to achieve the above mentioned target. The ultimate aim of the Seminar is to encourage participants to cooperate on projects under all key actions of ERASMUS+ which can ultimately help to enhance social inclusion.

Participants will:
– Meet representatives and persons working in the field;
– Discuss and analyse strengths and weaknesses of approaches adopted in different member states in particular when developing early warning systems and enabling timely action;
– Focus on ways how to encourage cross sectoral cooperation between schools and other institutions such as public and private bodies in order to explore the idea of ‘Community Schools’;
– Learn about different approaches on how to empower students with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties and use diversity as a positive learning aspect in education;
– Explore ways of cooperating and working together on projects under Erasmus+.


Application deadline: 15th September, 2014
Date of Selection: 11th October, 2014


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