TC “Take the Lead” Location and Date: Baia Mare, Romania / September 2015

The main purpose of the Training Course ‘Take the Lead’ is to enable participants i.e. youth leaders and potential youth workers to gain basic knowledge in the field of youth work as to increase their effectiveness and quality of the work at local and international level. Given that, we are aiming to create an educational platform for participants in order to be able to increase their skills and competencies as to become educated and ethical youth workers. For that purpose, we developed a 7-day Training course for all interested youth leaders/workers to take participation in this project and by that to gain new knowledge and to learn valuable working practices which will be of a great asset for their further personal, social, but most importantly, professional development. Consequently, the Training course involves analytical approach towards the core principles of youth work and its framework, and therefore is constructed in 6 (six) modules:  1. Definition of youth work; 2. Life stage of adolescence; 3. Working with individuals and differences; 4. Working with groups; 5. Working with conflict styles; and 6. Management.

If interested in taking participation to the project as partner organization, please send Partnership form  and mandate form (signed and stamped)  to the following e-mail: