The 2012 European Enterprise Awards (EEA)

The 2012 European Enterprise Awards (EEA) have been launched.

These awards recognise and reward initiatives by local and regional authorities to support entrepreneurship. Participation is open to national, regional or local authorities, or public-private partnerships, from anywhere in the EU, including Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. There are two stages; entrants can only be considered for the European Awards once they have completed initial selection at national level. Each country will select two entries to be nominated to the European competition by 16 July 2012. All nominees will be invited to attend the awards ceremony, which recognises the winners for their efforts and gives them the opportunity to present themselves in an international environment.

The five categories for 2012 are:

  1. Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit: recognises actions and initiatives at national, regional or local level promoting an entrepreneurial mindset especially among young people and women;
  2. Investing in skills: recognises regional or local initiatives to improve entrepreneurial, vocational, technical and managerial skills;
  3. Improving the business environment: recognises innovative policies at regional or local level to promote enterprise start up and growth, simplify legislative and administrative procedures for businesses and implement the ‘Think Small First’ principle in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
  4. Supporting the internationalisation of business: recognises policies to encourage enterprises and particularly SMEs to benefit more from the opportunities offered by markets both inside and outside the European Union; and
  5. Responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship: recognises regional or local actions promoting corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices in the social and/or environmental domain. This category also recognises efforts to promote entrepreneurship among disadvantaged groups, such as unemployed, disabled or people from ethnic minorities.


To find out more about the awards and the national deadlines have a look here.