To rediscover Christianity – A Road from West to East Europe

Dear Friends,

Union of European Rovers of Bulgaria is going to realise an youth exchange called “To rediscover Christianity – a road form West to East Europe”. from 22nd Aug to 3rd Sep 2012, South Bulgaria.

Three rover-scout units will take the route from the sacre relics at Capital Sofia and reach town of Sozopol at latest.

So we are searching for 3-5 persons from Germany to join our summer adventures.

Please find enclsoed all the nesecarry attachments (summery, technical, details, reg forms).The deadline for registration is limited: 16th August

Waiting to see you in suneey Bulgaria.

Team of UERBG

“To rediscover Christianity – A Road from West to East Europe”
22 Aug – 3 Sep 2012, South Bulgaria
The idea for the project occurred in one of the discussions at the World Youth Days (JMJ Madrid 2011). This event have been attended by over 2300 Rover from 20 European countries, included in the big team called “volunteer assistant” to take care of over one million of young Christians at the Spanish capital. Discussion between different groups of rovers become states, showed the theme of Christian denominations and a wealth of rituals, ceremonies and sacraments, many of which are unknown for Catholics, for Protestants and Orthodox youth. In essence, Christian values have a very different visualization and inspirational activities designed for easier understanding by young people. In this context, our desire to promote mutual understanding between different faiths and share established and modern Christian practices to adopt by the young man finds realization in the prepared project idea. Ability to attract partners – rovers clans of Poland and Germany in applying their experience in Christian education initiatives and travel encouraged us to conduct exchanges with the working title “To rediscover Christian values – on the way from Western to Eastern Europe.”
We believe that the project corresponds with the objectives and priorities of the program “Youth for Europe” in 2012, bringing together young people from three countries united by the idea of tolerance and understanding between different Christian denominations. Check the chamber (?) loading with this exchange from Germany, Poland and Bulgaria will show that they are natural carriers of European values such as tolerance, solidarity and responsibility, mutual assistance and Christian charity, through multiple scheduled meetings, discussions and pilgrimage tours to places and sites with European significance. The design concept for the implementation of practical activities by Christian missions and explore the cultural and historical sites of public importance for the development of Christian virtues, emphasizing personal and group initiative for developing cultural dialogue. In this context, this exchange highlights the active citizenship of young people and their European citizenship in particular. Each youth group and will have their time for personal and group expression – participation in workshops, construction of camp facilities, participation in presentations and simulations, participation in rituals and ceremonies to communicate with young people from other countries, touch objects of European cultural heritage. We will encourage mutual understanding between young people from
different countries through active planned outdoor activities – hiking, camping, songs, performances, educational visits to the monastery to 4, 6 churches, architectural reserves.
The project will contribute to solidarity and tolerance among young people in order to promote social cohesion in the European Union through the evocation of different Christian traditions, rituals and rites, myths and legends performed by Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Armenians. Thus, each participant and each group will acquire knowledge of other religions, the differences and values that unite us. The goals we set up with this Youth Exchange are:

  • To encourage young people to be active and responsible European citizens in the context of protecting and respecting the right of a different religion by familiarizing participants with the rituals and ceremonies of different Christian denominations;
  • To commit leisure time of young people to create additional habit for a natural way of life and caring for others by applying the model of mobile rovеrs expedition in southern Bulgaria and camping in the open air;
  • To engage young people in various Christian activities through their direct participation in simulations and discussions – provided 7 workshops with representatives of the Church, monks and ethnographers, archaeologists;
  • To demonstrate the European model of pilgrimage for young Christian, a successful educational tool by the formation of short pilgrimage routes to key Christian sites and relics in southern Bulgaria (Bachkovo Monastery and Sozopol, where the relics of St. John the Baptist) on the model of campaigns to Santiago de Compostela, Spain and Vezelay, France;