Together we learn-Together we stop discrimination

24-30 November 2013: Training “Together we learn-Together we stop discrimination” Luxembourg City (Luxembourg)

The aim of this training is to train youth leaders to facilitate workshops that address issues related to diversity, interculturality, anti-discrimination and social change.


The objectives of the training are to:

• Develop self-awareness and understanding of an individual’s own cultural identity;

• Engage in an ongoing self-examination of one’s role in either perpetuating or confronting discrimination;

• Develop the ability to work effectively in diverse settings;

• Recognize the spheres of influence in which one can act in its daily life;

• Identify personal and group actions for change.


The training is addressed to young people, from 18 to 30 years old, coming from: Belgium, Estonia, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Slovenia.


Deadline to submit applications: 30 September 2013.


Find out more about the course and the fees here: