The UNAOC Fellowship Programme

The UNAOC Fellowship Programme was created recognizing the need to build bridges between cultures and societies through dialogue and cooperation and to reinforce the political will and collective commitment to live together by strengthening mutual awareness and respect.
It is intended to contribute in particular to a better mutual knowledge and understanding between peoples and societies from Muslim-majority countries, mainly from the Arab World, and from Europe and North America. The programme therefore allows emerging leaders from each of these societies serious opportunities to get acquainted with the diverse realities and cultural environments of the others, is a particularly powerful and experiential approach to dialogue, increasing mutual understanding, and improving intercultural relations.

The Alliance of Civilizations Fellowship launched with 24 American, European, Middle Eastern and North African emerging leaders traveling on two-week program.

• Citizens of countries located in Europe and North America

• Accomplished and influential young professionals recognized by your communities with the potential to become key leaders in your field in the near future

• Active either in politics (local, national, or international), civil society organizations, media, the business sector, local communities, faith based movements, and other fields

• Willingness to use this experience in your leadership position

• Motivated and available to take part of an entire 18 day-full programme, as scheduled by the organizer and to respect all rules and regulations on locations from the organizer and the host countries

• Be no younger than 26 and no older than 38 years of age in the year 2011

• Good knowledge of written and spoken English

• Possess a passport valid at least 6 months beyond the assigned Fellowship dates

How to apply
You must complete your Fellowship Application in English for the competitive selection process

You are to answer accurately all the requested information and questions in this form

You are required to submit a current résumé or curriculum vitae with your application form and a clear photo of yourself

Your complete submission needs to be sent to:

For Europe and North America, deadline is Friday 8 July 2011 passed this date your application will be denied, so applicants are encouraged to submit them as soon as possible.

The application form can be found on:

More information about the programme can be found on: