Wanted on the labour market: language and communication skills

How to improve the language skills of the European workforce? That is the common question which a governmental experts’ group and the so called Business Platform for Multilingualism were both looking to answer. Both working groups set up by the European Commission have recently published their findings.

Languages for Jobs – providing multilingual communication skills for the labour market
The thematic working group with government representatives from across Europe has published a report entitled “Languages for Jobs – providing multilingual communication skills for the labour market”. The document presents recommendations on how to achieve a better match between the demand and the supply of language skills on the labour market. The experts stress especially the need of a language teaching which is practically oriented, applied to professional contexts and accessible to all age and professional groups.

Find out more in the report, including several recommandations, on: http://ec.europa.eu/education/languages/pdf/jobs/report.pdf

Business Platform for Multilingualism
The Business Platform for Multilingualism, launched in 2009 and representing the professional associations, trade promotion organisations and institutions of higher and vocational education, has been focussing on the linguistic needs of European companies and on the products and services offering language support to employers and employees. The platform has launched a project with the aim of developing an on-line service allowing companies to identify their language needs and to match these with available resources.

Find out more on: http://ec.europa.eu/education/languages/pdf/business_en.pdf
Read more on the Network for the Promotion of Language Strategies for Competitiveness and Employability on: