War and Peace

Dear partners


United Societies of Balkans (U.S.B.) ngo from Thessaloniki, Greece will apply at the deadline of first of October under “Youth in Action” programme for a youth exchange “War and Peace”.


“War and Peace” makes up a continuation project which was created following the success of the 1.1. Youth Exchange “Let’s Make a Show!” that took place in February 2013, in Poland. The participants took part in dance, music and organizational workshops and presented a public show in the end of the exchange. Having gained a vivid multi cultural and creative experience the young people involved wanted a “to be continued” version of the program which resulted in the creation of “War and Peace”. This time based on Tolstoy’s famous literature masterpiece, young people from Greece, Poland, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Czech Republic, will come together in order to reflect on universal topics addressed in the book and create performance sessions showcasing the according thematic, drawing ideas from their own pool of creativity and experiences and by co operating with each other in an intensive multi cultural environment.


For further information and the partnership agreement form, please visit our web site. The deadline is 15th of September 2013.