Were you born in 1992?...Are you a 20 year old Maltese resident??... win a trip to Barcelona

Were you born in 1992?? ………….Are you a 20 year old Maltese resident??

All you have to do is answer a few questions in the following link:
http://bit.ly/BcnSummerCamp ……..and you can win a trip to Barcelona and participate at the ‘CREATIVE SUMMER CAMP’!

The Generation 1992 Competition has already been running for over 2 months. However, something new and exciting is planned to attract more young people from all over Europe to participate! The creativity of the youth needs to be stimulated and therefore, a CREATIVE SUMMER CAMP is to be organized in Barcelona from Monday 23rd to Thursday 26th of July.

Express your vision and opinions of Europe in different creative formats: text, photo, video, cartoon or Smartphone app! The youth will have the opportunity to meet creative professionals, inspiring young artists and entrepreneurs, while spend a few days in one of Europe’s most exciting cities!

Around 30 people born in 1992 from as many EU countries as possible will be selected for such an event. All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered so don’t miss this unique opportunity and register as soon as possible! (The Registration form will be online from 13th of June to 8th of July.)

Don’t wait, get in chance to win this great opportunity!