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WHITE in Ireland, Ltd. (Work experience Housing Internship Training Erasmus in Ireland) is an English Language, hosting, training, and intermediary company, in the mobility projects, based in Co. Cork, Ireland. We are available as your partner in the implementation of European mobility projects. We are a small company that provides personalised service for students and groups. We work with only a select few candidates a year to provide the best possible experience while here in Ireland. We are looking for candidates that are positive, outgoing, and ready to learn, our programs are not for the shy or introverted candidates as they will have difficulty adapting to the Irish culture.

We are truly concerned that your experience while here in Ireland is a positive, rewarding one. We work with the EU Life Long Learning Programs, particularly the Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci mobility programs. We provide Work Placement / Internship Services and English language training in Ireland. We are here to Empower your Candidates to achieve their Goals.

Our Program enables the student to:

Improve general English and work related language skills
Gain practical work experience in the chosen career
Gain confidence in the student’s ability to function in an English-speaking environment
Get to know Irish people both at work and socially
Enhance student’s career prospects by obtaining certificates that describe his/her English ability and his/her work experience
Make valuable contacts within the profession chosen
Be in a significantly better position to find a job or improve promotion prospects in an increasingly competitive market.
Work Experience- There is currently many opportunities to get work experience here in Ireland. We provide high quality work placement in many sectors of the Irish economy including: IT, Renewable Energy, Sales, Tourism, Marketing, Accounting, Administration, Web-Design, Real Estate, Electronics, Catering, Industrial, Business Sciences, Personal Assistant, Pre-School Education, Retail, Electronics, Robotics, Water Treatment, Human Resources, Agriculture, Farming, Equine, Landscaping, Auto-Repair, Culinary, Government, Hotel, Restaurant, Computer Science, IT repair, Computer Maintenance, Secretarial, and more.

We also have an outstanding apprenticeship program. We work with tradesmen and companies in the following fields: Cabinet maker, Joiner, Carpenter, Roofer, Plumber, Plasterer & plaster boarder, Stonemason/ sculptor, Bricklayer, Painter, Body repairer, Sheet metal worker, fabricator & welder, Mechanic (plant, cars, trucks, industry and transport),Plumber, Heating, cooling & Ventilation, Metal worker & blacksmith, Electrician, Chef, Baker, Pastry Maker, Leatherman, Welder, Machinist, Graphic Arts, Upholsterer & trimmer, Food and Beverage Server, Hairstylist, Locksmith, Butcher, Jeweller, Horticulturist, Bee Keeper, Water Well Driller, Forestry, Tailors, Dress Makers, sales clerks, railway workers, conservation and land management, community services, funeral operations, Tourism, Barber, Hospitality, information technology, and All fields related to Farming and Agriculture and Agri-business.

Housing- We work with wonderful Irish families who provide top quality, full- board housing. If you do not wish to stay with a host family we can find you other accommodations but staying with a host family is the most cost-effective way to experience Ireland. The best reason to stay with a host family is that when you living with a host family you are constantly speaking English and you level will improve. Also host families include you in their activities (should you wish) which saves you additional transport costs.

Internship- Our experienced team would be delighted to work with you and provide your students with a high quality personal service. Candidates can be assured of:

Work placement in many sectors immersing the Candidates in an English speaking environment
Excellent Accommodation with Irish Host Families further reinforcing the need to speak in English
24 hour emergency support
We offer high quality English language lessons conducted by a professional English language teacher.
Supervisory visits by a member of staff to the Candidates on work placement
Management of your Candidates from Arrival to Departure
Training- Through programs like VETPRO (A Mobility project for Professionals) we provide modern training and further use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development, employability, English language training, and participation in the European Labour Market. With our network of teachers, trainers, companies, and schools we provide Vocational Education and Training which focuses on the transfer, improvement, and update of competences and/or of innovative methods and practices in the field of vocational training. Our Individual trainers, teachers or other persons responsible for Vocational training issues will exchange experiences with you and your group with the aim of mutual learning. We also can work with your organisation to write a professional visit program.

Erasmus- The new funding program, as of 2014 will be known as Erasmus for All. We will be working in the framework of this program. Our goals are to improve people’s skills, personal development, and employability by providing high quality education and training and work experience for all.

We are ready to work with you. If you would like to partner with us for Erasmus or Leonardo da Vinci or VETPRO mobility projects then please send us an email with your needs and we will promptly respond. Please find PDF files with some information about our company. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


WHITE in Ireland, Ltd.

Work Experience Housing Internship Training Erasmus in Ireland

3 An Clochar, Convent Road, Doneraile, Co. Cork, Ireland

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