Women active in the ICT sector

Women active in the ICT sector

According to a new study published today by the European Commission, there are too few women working in the ICT sector, but getting more girls interested in a digital career and getting more women into digital jobs would benefit the digital industry, women themselves and Europe’s economy.

The study suggests four priority areas where action should be taken:

– Building a renewed image of the sector among women and society, with actions such as disseminating most appealing ICT topics for young women (exciting, diverse, profitable etc.);

– Empowering women in the sector, e.g. promoting, together with industry, harmonised European educational curricula to foster clear and straightforward ICT careers paths;

– Increasing the number of women entrepreneurs in ICTs, e.g. improving access to seed and venture capital programs for women entrepreneurs;

– Improving working conditions in the sector, e.g. by highlighting the improved performance of businesses employing women.