Work in Malta

Malta is a great place to live and work. Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, it remains one of the safest English speaking countries in the world. As a result, its popularity amongst foreigners has been growing steadily. Now that Malta is part of the European Union it is possible for any European citizen to live and work on the island. Australian citizens under 30 can also work on Malta for a year as part of the “Working Holiday Visa” program. Unfortunately, those from other countries may have difficulties getting the necessary permits. For those eligible to work there are some specific types of jobs that are easiest to obtain, like IT, sales or translation work.
The Employment and Training Corporation is a fast and easy way to find available employment opportunities and training services. You can prioritise the type of job, working hours, company and region and receive job openings meeting your criteria. You can also register your CV on the site, for prospective employers to see. Click here to search for ETC jobs. From the ETC website you can also view information about programmes that can help you improve your qualities to have better opportunities in employability. The Supported Employment Section supports and targets disadvantaged groups to enhance their capabilities to integrate into labour market. Moreover, the Youth Employment Programme (YEP) is designed to increase the employability of young people and facilitate labour market integration of youth.

If you are interested to work within the Government sector, check the list of vacancies that are listed down by the Department of Information

Anyone who wants to use Europass can start by completing the Europass CV. The Europass CV enables you to make your skills and qualifications visible, and other Europass documents can be attached to the CV. You can also contact The National Europass Centre in Malta can also offer you more details.

Youthpass is a tool for participants of projects funded by the Youth in Action Programme to describe what they have done and to show what they have learnt.

Work abroad

Working abroad is a fantastic way to discover a whole new culture and you will definitely learn and grow from your experiences. Whether you want to teach English in Chile, volunteer in India, work and travel in Australia, or care for children in France, there are always opportunities to suit your needs. Working overseas will provide you with all these new experiences along with the opportunity to travel the world and earn money at the same time. Plus, it looks great on your CV. Taking the first step may be a bit daunting, and it may not seem easy to begin with. However once you have taken the plunge, it will be worth it!
The European Youth Portal is a good way for young people to access information about living, learning and working in Europe. It is updated regularly and contains useful links for finding your perfect European job.

Part of the Lifelong Learning Programme, the Leonardo da Vinci program funds many different types of activities of varying scales. These include traineeships, internships, opportunities to develop innovative practices, and to create networks on specific topics. People who can benefit from this programme range from trainees to graduates as well as active professionals and organisations. The programme covers the costs of travel, accommodation and language tuition. Registered job seekers may also qualify for living costs.

The EURES network offers job vacancies in 31 European countries, CVs from interested candidates and what you need to know about living and working abroad. You can post your CV online or search for job vacancies in other European countries. Employers can search for CVs, advertise job vacancies and get in touch with suitable candidates. EURES advisors from Eures Malta can help you by delivering information, guidance and assistance both if you are a job seeker and/or an employer.

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is responsible for staff selection within EU institutions. You can also opt for recruitment with individual EU institutions and bodies. The EuroBrussels portal can assist you to find a job with various entities present in Brussels and around Europe. You can search through specific job categories, for science jobs visit is the one-stop shop for quality international jobs in economics, finance and economic policy all over Europe while is the community site for the Brussels-based international legal community.