Working together for a better world

Azerbaijan Students Union (ASU) was established by students from Baku on 15th September of 2008. ASU is an organization which was established on basis of international experience and it was the first student organization which unites students irrespective of gender, race, creed, nationality.

~They have already completed four projects for Youth in Action program. We want to apply these projects for 1st September.

More information about projects you can see in below.

1. The project “Working together for a better world” is a multilateral youth exchange with neighboring partner countries, organized by a group of young people members of Azerbaijan Students’ Union (ASU). The main aim of the project is capturing realty, that surounds us. If the participants will use their creativity and cooperation having a common goal, the turn out will be beyond their imagination. The topic of the project is to develop different skills while discovering the environment and how to be friendly with it. Moreover, the participants will have the possibility to involve the community into their activities. During the 8 working days of the project, which will take place in region of Baku 30 participants from 6 countries will use different methods of working: work-shops, sharing cultural aspects, saying feed-backs, volunteering, filming, photographing, etc. Five days of the program will begin with different cultural breakfast – this will create the opportunity for the participants to learn about each others’ cultures, develop tolerance and even break the stereotypes. The program will be divided in two parts: firstly, the participants will receive tools about video and photo production, environment, team working and will be able to experiment with the given tools; secondly, they will apply the gained knowledge in the first part of the project using their creativity and social resources having, as a final result, short movie or photo exposition. Participants will have the opportunity to share with the public their 8 intense intercultural days. All these things are important because when the participants return home, after the exchange, they will be able to use all they have learned to improve their life in many different aspects.


2. Youth to Europe is an active citizenship exchange project that aims to bring together young people from 8 partner organizations for the promotion of their achievements, reducing the sense of alienation and empowering them with the skills to recognise that they can be active agents of change.
Youth to Europe is based on the results from a co-operation started in 2002 under the auspices from the EU Youth programme. This actual application is aimed to strenghten the partnership and the achievements and develop the links from the EU and Eastern European and Caucasian Countries(EECA).
The preparatory phase will include the young people in order to give them opportunities to influence the activities.
The exchange phase will take place in Baku/Azerbaijan in June 2013 and includes workshops and simulations giving the participants opportunities to work with concrete themes in the area of youth identities, youth rights and youth policy in order to promote intecultural awareness, create mutual understanding and confidence for different living conditions in different areas of Europe.
The follow-up phase will focus upon disseminating the achievements and stimulate an ongoing communiction between east, west and south.


3. The aims of Youth Exchange to bring together young from 6 partner organizations will came together and discuss student attitude about their life, the role of students social and economical situation and how it makes influence on their integration in local society.


4. Training Course on youth with disabilities and their challenges on studying at Universities. 24 young people from 8 countries (EU and EECA) will come together for 7 days to discuss problems about educational possibilities of disabled youngsters at universities and some obstacles preventing the execution of their study rights. Meanwhile, in the framework of this project is expected to share and exchange some national experiences of different countries on educational status of youngsters with disabilities. In each country’s group will be one disable youth or a participant who is able to talk about their countries’ youth, universities and their disable students’ problems. 7 days disabled and non-disabled participants will make presentations on situations in their countries, discuss differences, discover similarities and make conclusions and recommendations for universities that will be useful both for EU and for EECA countries.

The final result of the training course will be not only raised self-esteem and empowerment of participants, but also wider awareness of the problems of disabled people and positive solutions.
Training will empower participants to share their knowledge on the topic and professional trainers will provide competitive information on the training topic.

The professionally designed program will allow participants not only to share their experience, but also get acquainted with the legislation and official point of view of the politicians.

As the result an active dissemination campaign will be implemented in local university to make the problem more visual and understandable. Together the campaign will give a floor to the organized Youth Organizations Exhibition in order to establish new contacts and make Youth in Action Programme more visual and promote new projects within Youth in Action Programme.

If you are interested in these projects, you can write to us and we will send you Preliminary Agreement and Partner Identification forms.

Sincerely yours
Azerbaijan Students’ Union,