Youth Ambassadors arriving in Brussels

Youth Ambassadors arriving in Brussels

On the occasion of the 2013 European Youth Week, Youth Ambassadors have been invited to Brussels to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EU programmes in support of young people.

They are individuals with outstanding achievements in the field of youth, nominated by the Youth in Action (YiA) National Agencies.

They have been involved in one way or another in the EU youth programmes between 1988-2012 and their experiences have subsequently had a strong, often life-changing impact on their personal and professional lives.

From participating in a youth exchange or a youth initiative to becoming a European Voluntary Service volunteer, the Youth Ambassadors have gone on to forge successful careers as youth workers, politicians, artists or social entrepreneurs.

Though their experiences differ widely from one another, they share a passion for civic engagement and all continue to invest their time to make a contribution to their local communities, societies and Europe as a whole.


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